*Spotlight* Toko.

Posted: Sunday, 19 September 2010 | Posted by Adam Townend | Labels: ,

Toko, formerly based in Rotterdam, Holland and since 2008 permanently operating out of Sydney, Australia, are a multidiscplinary design agency.

I picked up this link from Aisleone which is a great resource for inspiration involving type and grid. Toko tend to work with type and layout for the majority of the work and they also have some nice examples of corporate identity and exhibiton artwork.

The first example pictured here is a poster designed as part of the lyrics & type poster series, where designers, illustrators and typographers are invited to design posters featuring the lyrics of established artists.

This design is representative of the multilayered sounds together with the lyrics which are threaded through the sound.

I have also included this work for Code Magazine which is dedicated to documenting style. Toko designed the whole design style for the magazine and has the Code as a long standing client.

All the spreads incorporate this torn effect which links to the content of the magazine. They do not report on the latest fashion, they dig deeper into the origins of fashion and I feel the torn effect really works well with those values.


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