Statement of Intent - Year Three

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Statement of Intent

My design practice will certainly focus in typography and layout in a variety of forms and to cover many areas of interest I have. These areas include subjects such as publishing and editorial which covers book cover design and magazine layout, promotional design which covers posters and flyers and corporate identity which covers logos and stationery.

I still see my main interest in design for print but I still want to show that I can work for screen too on things such as interface design and static graphics for electronic delivery. I feel this will beneficial to me once I leave as I know from my experiences this summer that new technology cannot be ignored, and so knowledge of it is essential in today’s market.

My aesthetic approach seems to sway towards sharp, clean and impactful, much like the examples I have been posting on my blog over the summer. I like to work with and manipulate typography to portray meaning in terms of scale, weight, orientation, leading, kerning and character styles and want to learn more about grid systems before the end of the year.

Statement of Intent
I want to create clean and crisp design solutions to strengthen my portfolio in the areas I have stated above. I want to work within advertising, public or information sector and the briefs I have chosen/written allow me to do all three and still with a focus towards type and layout.

Outside the briefs and studying I would like to secure a placement to work in a local design studio once a week. I feel that the experience and connection with the industry will put me in a better position once I leave and will also open doors to a career.

I feel the briefs I have chosen/written will enable me to express my layout and typography skills and also allow me to develop on other skills such as branding and packaging to a certain degree. I happy with my choices and feel that there is enough scope for each of them to be taken further and to be focussed down to meet the criteria. I also feel that there is enough of a range of briefs so when I do use them for my portfolio there are differing examples.

The collaborative brief will enable me to work as part of a team which I deem important at this stage as it is something I would like to get used too, and I will hope to build on the success of previous collaborative efforts and maintain a good working relationship until the end.

My research will take the form in the same areas as I have searched through before. I feel that the facilities I can access at the moment are luxurious compared to that of the average design studio. I still plan to use magazines, books, and the internet as the bulk of my research, and I also plan to gather primary evidence through online and offline questionnaires and surveys.

I intend to use the print facilities frequently as well as getting my hands dirty with traditional printing techniques. In every situation the printing will be to deliver mock ups and/or final prints. I will attend workshops involving screen design to further my knowledge in that field for the branding briefs particularly as there will be web delivery involved.

My blogs will once again become my main source of documenting and evaluating. They have served me well in the past and I have continually kept them up to date on a day to day basis during some projects. They will be used to document contextual investigations as well as recording and evaluating my own design practice throughout the project.

Crits will be the next opportunity to evaluate my work against others to see what can be adapted, changed and developed throughout the briefs. This will become the main point of user input so will become an important part of my design practice. After crits I will evaluate where I am at, and write a plan for the next one. The action plans will also be documented on the appropriate blog.


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